True Specialists
In Your Field

There are many places you can hire virtual assistants. What's different about us is that we provide virtual assistants that are true specialists in your field. This confluence of career passions brings benefits to both you and your virtual assistant. You may be your VA’s only opportunity to work in their preferred field, as unfortunately the broader industry remains afflicted with a tragic skills mismatch.

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The Tragic Skills Mismatch

The dramatic growth of the virtual assistant industry in recent decades has brought an abundance of relatively high-paying jobs to the Philippines. For that, the local people are grateful. However, there is very often a mismatch between the virtual assistant’s own interests, qualifications and career aspirations and the work available to them. As a result, a law graduate, journalist or nurse may find herself working in data entry, technical support or billing – her training and true talents wasted.

Meanwhile clients looking to work with a virtual assistant are often assigned one with no particular knowledge of, or interest in, their field. This is a suboptimal arrangement that may leave both parties disappointed.

It is our mission to avoid this tragic mismatch for the benefit of both you and your virtual assistant(s).

The Benefit of a Better Match

When you hire a true specialist in your field, you will benefit because:

  • Your VA’s talents will be tailored to your industry.
  • Your VA will be passionate about your work.
  • Your VA may be tertiary qualified in your field, depending on your field and availability.
  • Your VA will relish the opportunity to work with you.
  • Skilled happy staff are more productive and less likely to leave.
  • Over time your carefully matched VA will become more and more of an expert in your business, your industry, and the tasks assigned to them, so will bless your business with greater value each day.

You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are providing a chance for a VA to work in the field they love rather than being assigned to a random generic role – a problem that continues to afflict the VA industry. Help a VA live their dream, and they will help realize your dreams too.

Available Fields

Is your field not listed? We still may be able to help. Please contact us.

Amazon® Stores Executive Assistance Recruitment
Beta Reading Graphic Design Sales
Bookkeeping & Accounts Human Resources Shopify® Stores
Customer Support/Call Centers Agents Importing and Exporting Software Support/Technical Support
Data Entry Insurance Tourism
Data Science Labelers Logistics Typesetting
Desktop Publishers / Typesetters Online Stores Web Design
Digital Marketing Proctoring Web Development
Education & Training Publishing Web Hosting Support
Events management Real Estate

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